What are Some of the Best Rugby Betting Options Available in Australia?

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Australia Rugby Betting Options Available

Rugby Betting Options In Australia

Australians love their rugby, with the sport being the most watched game in the country, both on television and live. There are scores of dedicated, passionate fans, and it helps that Australia also has some of the best rugby teams in the world. In fact, if an Australian team is playing, not only are the Aussie fans likely to be the loudest and most supportive, but the team is also likely to perform well, regardless of who they are going up against.

Australians also love to bet on rugby games, with Australia having one of the most active betting industries in the world. When a rugby game is being played, thousands of bets are placed, and if the game is a major one, betting numbers can reach astronomical heights. Betting on rugby matches has become almost a tradition, and some Australian rugby fans are as passionate about betting on rugby as they are about watching the games and being supportive. Let’s have a look at some of the major rugby betting options available in Australia.

AFL Betting

AFL, or Australian Football League, is rapidly becoming the most bet on type of rugby in Australia. The AFL consists of the best teams in the country going up against one another, offering some of the most exciting and hard fought matches. Australian rugby fans are passionate about the AFL, and many spend a great deal of time studying the teams and making predictions on which teams will perform well, which will lose, and which will be successful. It stands to reason then that many also like to bet on the outcomes of these matches.

Rugby Betting Options Available Australia

World Cup Betting

Rugby World Cup season is an exciting time for rugby fans across the globe, and marks a period when the best teams from each country go head to head, deciding which team is officially the best in the world. An enormous amount of bets are place during the world cup, with fans showing their support for their favourite teams in the form of a wager.

In Australia millions of bets are placed, and it is no surprise that many of the bets are placed on the Australian World Cup team to win. Australia always makes a good showing in the world cup, and is generally favoured to place in the top three, if not win the tournament outright. World Cup betting is, of course, limited to periods when a World Cup Tournament is underway.

Online Betting

AFL, NRL, World Cup, and all other types of online rugby betting in Australia can be done via legal online bookmakers. There are a number of bookmakers to choose from, all of which are conveniently accessible via mobile phone. Many online bookmakers even offer free smart phone applications, which give quick, reliable access to bookmakers on the go. In order to place a rugby bet, simply access the application, or visit the website via a browser, select the desired bet, and select the amount of the wager. The bet will be officially placed. Winnings can likewise be collected via smart phone.