Most Profitable Types Of Bets

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For any type of betting there are particular markets that offer better odds. Bookmakers will usually have a wide and varied range of betting markets and this is especially true for big events such as the European Football Leagues or NFL for example.

It is important that bettors choose their markets carefully to ensure that they are giving themselves the best opportunity to make a profit.  Football and horseracing are two sports where betting has been known to be very profitable.

There are many types of football bets that include bets like double chance and the both teams to score bet, but the majority of successful bettors will usually choose a straight win, goal line or they will opt for the Asian handicaps.

Most of the experts believe that these three types of bets are the easiest to place and can be very profitable.

Basic Bets

The straight win bet is self-explanatory and with this bet the bettor is given three options to choose from, home, away or a draw.  If the bettor predicts the outcome correctly, they will win the bet.

Unfortunately, many bettors make the mistake of betting on the favourite which usually has very low odds and is not a good strategy to follow as it is not profitable over the long term.

Bettors should look for options where the odds are even and information which suggests a particular team as the favourite.

Over/Under 2.5 goals bets is another common bet which professional bettors use.  With this bet quite a bit of work is required in terms of long-term statistics of the teams do play an important part.

With this bet, bettors will have plenty of edge and bettors who have patience and the determination to win can benefit greatly from analysing smaller leagues.

The Both Teams to Score bet is very popular and although it may not yield profits in the major leagues the odds are usually very favourable in the smaller league matches.  Looking at leagues such as Dutch, Belgian or South American leagues can definitely pay off.

Asian Handicap Bets

Asian markets are a relatively new introduction and are another betting market used by many professional bettors who frequent the online casino New Zealand establishments that also offer sports betting.

This type of bet is where the teams are brought closer to level, and this is done by adding a certain number of goals to the final score and this is done before the match has begun.

The basic Asian Handicap is zero and when the zero Asian Handicap is in play the bettor will win if they have predicted correctly, but they lose if their team loses and the bets that were placed are refunded if the match is a draw.

There are also Asian Handicaps, which include +0.25 where bettors will lose half their bet if the match is a draw and their entire bet if they pick the losing team.

The +0.50 where bettors will win if they pick the winning team but otherwise they will lose.  The +0.75 the bettor will win the whole amount if their team wins by 2 goals more and they will win half if their team wins by 1 goal.

This type of betting lets player’s place bets with more flexibility, gives them more opportunities to predict the winner and minimises losses.

These bets are popular in that the bookies often give higher payouts for them, which improves the odds allowing bettors to beat the bookie.

Bettors will need to choose their bets very carefully and also look out for the best odds possible to increase the chances of a profitable bet.