Most Popular Types of Football Bets

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Football is the most popular sport in the world and it attracts massive betting interest on a global scale.

In turn, online sports betting has revolutionised the betting landscape and combining these two things has created the perfect, profitable storm.

As such, here are the most popular football bets, perfect for those who are just getting started.

Full Time Result Wagers

  • Win-Draw-Win: by far the most popular football wager of all. All you have to do is bet on which team will win, or whether there will be a tie.
  • Double Chance: still relates to the win-draw-win wager, but you have 2 chances to get it right. Pick 2 of the 3 possible outcomes and your wager will be successful if the final result is one of the 2.
  • Draw No Bet: there is no draw option, so simply predict which team will be successful. However, if the result does end in a draw, you will receive your wager back.
  • Handicap: more complicated than the wagers discussed so far. Teams are deducted or awarded extra goals for the purpose of betting and aims to level the playing field on matches between heavy favourites and underdogs.
  • Correct Score: a wager based on what the final score of the match will be. This is much harder to predict which is reflected in the odds available on this type of bet.

Half Time and Half Time/Full Time Wagers

The half time and half time/full time wagers are very similar to the win-draw-win market, but with a catch!

However, if the action is too hot for you, you could always just stick with online roulette NZ instead!

  • Half Time: correctly predict what the score will be at half time.
  • Half Time/Full Time: correctly predict what the score will be at half time AND full time.

First and Last Goal Scorer Wagers

First and last goal scorer wagers are not particularly difficult to understand, but are difficult to get right.

Generally considered a novelty wager, you will have to correctly predict which team member will be the first and/or last to score a goal during the match.

Scorecast Wagers

Defined as a combination of the correct score and first goal scorer wagers, scorecast wagers are particularly difficult to predict correctly and will only be successful if both predictions are correct.

Over/Under Wagers

Particularly popular amongst football punters, over/under wagers involve predicting whether the total number of goals scored in a match will be over or under the number specified by the bookmaker.

Both Teams to Score Wagers

Offered as a simply yes/no selection, the both teams to score wager involves predicting whether both teams will score a goal during the course of the match.

Futures Wagers

Defined as a long-term wager, futures or outcome wagers aren’t based on the final result of a particular match, but rather on the outcome of whole championships, leagues, tournaments, cups, and competitions.

For example, correctly predicting which team will win the English Premier League.

Proposition Wagers

Also known as exotic, novelty, or side bets, proposition or prop bets are wagers made on the occurrence or non-occurrence of events during a match which does not directly affect the match’s final outcome.

Accumulator Wagers

Accumulator wagers involve combining several selections into a single wager and all selections must be correctly predicted in order for the wager to be successful.