5 of the Biggest Upset Losses in Rugby

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Rugby is a hugely exciting sport, and players and fans across the world often have high expectations for their favourite teams on match day – but things can go unexpectedly wrong for the seemingly unbeatable favourites.

Anything can happen on match day, so maybe hedge those online bets your planning to place, and double check your facts based on past shock losses by these teams.

Here are the top unexpected and shocking losses in international rugby and ones that even Australian betting sites may not have predicted:

1. Wales vs Western Samoa – World Cup 1991

This shock loss by Wales was the first time a rank outsider beat a leading rugby nation in a tournament, and the fact that the match was held at the Cadiff Arms Park in Wales was a bigger blow for the Welsh.

Mathew Vaea proved his worth with some excellent kicking which broke the tie that had occurred in the first half. This kicking led Western Samoa to win by a crucial three points – an incredible win for the Samoans.

2. South Africa vs Japan – World Cup 2015

This huge upset occurred when Japan snatched an unexpected win from the South Africans in Brighton, beating them 34 to 32.

This truly was a shock victory that the South African Springboks did not expect from the underdog Japanese Cherry Blossoms.

3. Australia vs Wales – World Cup 1987

Australia managed to go from bad to worse in this World Cup, after their sudden loss to France in the semi-final, hey went on to lose again and even more shockingly to another World Cup underdog Wales.

Though the game was close, basically neck and neck Australia could not stick the win and lost quite a bit of their pride in this World Cup.

4. New Zealand vs France – World Cup 1999

The New Zealand team was again the clear favourite to win this semi-final match, and they did indeed start out strong and looking like they were going to easily win the da leading 24-10.  Which is why the comeback of the French team, led by the match star Christophe Lamaison, was an amazing fall from grace for the All Blacks.

Lamaison received a standing ovation from the 75,000 strong fans at the Twickenham stadium after the match, as they acknowledge his efforts to turn this match around for the French.

5. New Zealand vs South Africa – World Cup 1995

This shocking win over New Zealand by the South Africans at Ellis Park in Johannesburg was felt throughout the rugby world. Though both teams were undefeated throughout the World Cup, the All Blacks were definitely the favourites to win, with a seemingly unstoppable Jonah Lomu steam rolling his way through any opposition.

An amazing drop kick by Joel Stransky in extra time secured the win for the Springboks – supported by a packed home crowd stadium and a newly reunited nation – an amazing day for Rugby fans all over South Africa.

So remember these upset wins the next time you are placing an online bet or two and do your research on those underdogs – they could be your next big win!