All About Odds In Boxing Betting

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World Of Boxing Betting

Odds In The World Of Boxing Betting

Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world, with roots that go back to our ancient Greek ancestors. It’s a simple sport, involving two opponents going head to head, punching each other with everything they’ve got, and one fighter emerging victorious. It’s a straightforward; easy to grasp concept, and perhaps the reason that boxing remains a popular sport, even to this day. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good show of passion and willpower?

And, with boxing, comes the age-old concept of putting money on a fighter. This simple act not only massively heightens the excitement of a boxing match, but is also a show of support for one fighter rover another.

But not everyone is familiar with how bet making works, or how it works when it comes to boxing. Don’t worry; understanding betting is as easy as understanding odds. And if you don’t understand odds, here is a quick rundown to get you up to speed.

Odds In Boxing Matches

When two boxers go up against one another, there is always a notion that one fighter has the upper hand over the other, or is more likely to win. This notion doesn’t count the other boxer out of the fight, but simply states that there is more of a likelihood that the other first fighter winning. This, more or less, is what odds are.

Bookmakers look at the two fighters, analyse their reputations and history, dig into their fight records, and decide which of the two fighters is more likely to be victorious. With this prediction, they assign each of the two fighters odds.

If a fighter is more likely to win, the odds are low, such as 1/2 odds. These odds mean the fighter is seen as almost certain to win. If the prediction is that a fighter is less likely to win, the odds will be high, such as 1/10. Of course, the numbers are normally never so definite in real boxing matches, and will likely be somewhere in between. Although, one of the two fighters will generally be given an upper hand, even if slight.

Odds And Payouts

Just as you’d find in online Craps Canada games, the odds also determine how a bet will be paid out, if that bet is a success. On low odds such as 1/2 the pay out will be small, given that there is less risk on this fighter. A $10 bet will pay out only $20. But the same bet on 1/10 odds will pay out a massive $100.

So it is clear to see that betting on the underdog in a boxing match, although risky, grants a much bigger payout to those who are bold enough to put money on the less likely to win fighter. This, of course, is the nature of sports betting; risk versus reward.

And this, although not the only reason, is why the underdog is always so passionately supported in the world of boxing. It’s not just a matter of seeing an underdog succeed, but a matter of earning huge payouts on relatively small bets.