Improve Your Chances of the Big Bet Return

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Improve Your Chances of the Big Bet Return

Experienced gamblers know all the best ways to work around the tricks put in place by bookmakers, and we are here to share those pearls of wisdom!

Punters are essentially on the hunt for the best value for their money. Whether that means the right price, the proper market, or the best time to lay a bet, the tips provided here will ensure that you get the most excellent deal every time! Whether you make use of your computer or any of the handy betting apps for your smartphone or tablet in order to enjoy your sports betting, we have got you covered.

Know Your Sport of Choice Inside Out

Profitable punting goes much further than just an idea of which football team has been winning lately, or whether these wins are due to chance, good offensive play, or a brilliant defense, for example. You need to know absolutely everything. Which tennis player fell out with their coach? Which golfer may have won game after game but is heading into totally unknown territory in the next match? Inside info is the key to the big win, and you need to make your sport of choice your business. Having this kind of data in your arsenal will ensure that you are able to spot the best value markets every time.

Don’t Blindly Support the Favourite

As obvious as this may seem, it can be difficult for punters to ignore the great prices bookmakers offer on favourites. Don’t fall into this trap! Do your homework, and make an informed decision.

Get the Best Bookmaker You Can

Thanks to how competitive this sector is, brand loyalty is always being touted, but this is an outright attempt at tricking you to ignore better deals! While Loyalty Schemes and Special Offers are wonderful, don’t be fooled into not comparing prices, markets, and free bets. Even the slightest difference in odds has a huge impact on your winning bet.

Stick to as Few Selections as Possible

To put it plainly, the fewer selections the better. While this may seem obvious to some, punters get caught out like this all the time. The fewer selections that you include in your bet, at the end of the day, the higher the chance that your wager will win. If you have taken your sportsbetting past the point of simple entertainment, and are looking to make some money, one team or selection is ideal, three or four is the most you can incorporate.

Consider Less Popular Markets Too

Again, this a point where research will pay off. If you know your sport well enough, you may well be able to find much better value in the many markets provided by bookmakers. If you do your homework and take the time to check what is on offer, it is more than likely that you will find great prices where others haven’t thought to look!

Bet with Your Head, not Your Heart

You may really hope your team, or favourite player, wins. You may want this so badly you convince yourself it is likely -before you know it, you have laid a bet that has no chance of winning no matter which way you cut it. Stick to the facts, not your hopes and dreams, and watch the money start rolling in.