Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers

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Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Online Slots Review

Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers slot by Williams Interactive has fifty paylines and five reels. The design for this slot is taken straight out of the 1939 classic musical fantasy film The Wizard of Oz which was the most commercially successful and well known adaptation of the novel from 1900 by L. Frank Baum called The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

All About the Storyline

In the book and movie, Dorothy Gale is an orphan who lives with her aunt, uncle and dog on a farm in Kansas. A terrible tornado envelopes the farm and Dorothy isn’t able to reach the family storm cellar. Sheltered in her room, she is knocked unconscious and starts to dream of many things and people from the farm, including the house, being pulled up into the twister. The farm house crash lands in Munchkinland in the Land of Oz.

This is where she meets the Good Witch of the North, is given a pair of magic ruby slippers, and begins her journey down the yellow brick to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard of Oz. The Wicked Witch of the West, whose sister Dorothy inadvertently killed when her house landed on her, has vowed to take revenge on Dorothy. On her way to the Emerald City, she meets different traveling companions including the Scarecrow, who is desperate for a brain, the Cowardly Lion, who wants courage, and the Tin Woodman who wants a heart. It is in this story that players find themselves in Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers.

Game Basics

The background for the reel in this game is a bright green landscape with lush plants and trees. There are rolling green hills in the far distance, and this matches the aesthetic of and setting of the Wizard of Oz movie. The reel itself is surrounded in a gold and green trim and each individual line has a green border.

At the top of the background, the player can see their balance, while below, they will see a golden plaque with additional information displayed. This includes lines, bet per line and total bet. There is also a pair of ruby red slippers, the players win box and a green spin button with a white circular arrow. The formula for total bet is also displayed at the top of the golden plaque. This formula is lines time bet per line equals the total bet.

Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Symbols

The reel symbols in this game are familiar characters and objects from the book and movie.

The first reel symbol includes Dorothy, the Tin Woodsman, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow standing in front of a rainbow. The second symbol is The Wicked Witch of the West. She is bright green with a black pointy hat and longer fingernails. Other symbols include Toto the dog, the Good Witch of the North, a lollipop, a picnic basket, an hourglass, a red apple, and a jackpot symbol.

Bonus Features

One interesting bonus feature in Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers is the Ruby Slippers feature. During a spin, the ruby slippers displayed on the gold plaque at the bottom of the game space might randomly click together. When this happens, the feature is triggered. Once this has happened, a bubble will show up and turn up to 4 of the reels totally wild and a multiplier of up to five times will be applied to any winnings.