Understanding NRL Betting Options

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National Rugby League Betting Options

The National Rugby League (NRL) brings punters from all over the world to place bets on all aspects of this event.  Founded in 1908 the NRL is the premier Rugby League competition of Australia and New Zealand.

Sports betting sites in Australia offer a range of bet types for NRL betting fans to choose from. During the NRL season, rugby betting sites will also offer promotions and these are often exclusive to the sportsbook.  Some will also have promotions for the bigger games such as the finals in order to attract more punters and increase the bets.

Line or Handicap Betting

Line betting which is also known as handicap betting is a popular NRL bet.  The bookmaker will decide on an amount of points which is called the handicap and then punters select a team to win by more or less than this amount.  If a team has a minus handicap they must score more than the handicap to win.  This type of bet can offer generous payouts.

Margin Betting

Margin betting has the potential for high payouts and is a simple bet to place.  The punter must predict the team to win by a certain margin.  The margin for the NRL is 1-12 points and by 13 plus points.  An example of a margin bet is if a punter predicts a team will win between 1-12 points, the team must score 12 points or less than the other team for the punter to win the bet.  If the punter bets using the 13 plus margin the team must score 13 points or more for the bet to be won.

NRL Logo and Betting Options

Head to Head Betting

Head to head betting is the most popular of the NRL bets and here punters must choose which team will win a particular match.  These bets offer large payouts and by doing a bit of research on the teams punters can increase their odds of winning.

Futures Betting

Futures betting is where punters can place wagers on matches at the end of the NRL season.  For example, placing a wager on which team will win the Grand Final or particular matches.  These bets are placed at the start of the season, even before the NRL season has started.  Punters can also place futures bets on specific players such as who will win the Clive Churchill or the lead scorers in the NRL.

Other Types of NRL Bets

Besides these betting types there are also other bets available such as man of the match, who will score the first goal in a game, first injury or the first to be penalised.  Other bets relate to teams and include who the top 8 or 4 teams will be, which team will score the first point, which teams will play in the finals and the most popular is which team will win the Grand Final.  Punters even bet on losing teams, such as which teams will not make it to the top 8 or 4 or which team will incur the most losses.

For punters starting out the best way to start betting on the NRL is to use the head to head bet.  Although the odds are not as good as the others the losses are less and it allows punters to practice their betting skills before placing larger wagers.