Top 9 Most Bizarre moments in NRL history

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Top 9 Most Bizarre Moments In NRL History

The NRL is a pretty standard rugby league with some serious playing and sports betting carrying on throughout the year.

Although rugby isn’t known for its comedy, there have been a few bizarre moments throughout the years in various NRL games.

9: The Only Game Played In The Snow

Rugby isn’t known for its slippery, icy conditions like ice hockey is. In round 17 in 2000 however, the poor Tigers and the Raiders had to face off on the field in driving snow.

Not only was it freezing, but it seriously affected the visibility of the game as well.  It did make sliding for scoring tries much easier though!

8: Wally Lewis and the Queensland Crowd

In 1988 a player named Wally Lewis was sent from the field after a rather exciting on pitch brawl. The home town hero was sent off despite strongly protesting that he “had the ball”.

This incensed the crowd so much that they threw everything they could get their hands on onto the pitch, effectively ending the match.

7: Urinating On The Field

You would think that professional rugby players would have some sense of decorum. In 2013 Warrior’s prop Raymond Packer stood calmly on the field in the middle of the match, and simply relieved himself down his leg.

Shaking it off afterward with no qualms what so ever, he was eventually fined $15000 after stating: “When you gotta go, you gotta go” and looking unapologetic.

6: Video Ref Called In

The 1999 NRL final put all NRL bets on tenterhooks when the win had to be decided by the video ref. The final moments culminated in a possible try by the Storms.

Unfortunately, he was high-tackled just before the try, causing him to release the ball. The video ref awarded the Storms a penalty try, which caused them to win the game.

5: Rhys Wesser In the Wet

In 2011 the match between the Rabbitohs and Broncos was splayed in such appallingly wet conditions that the ball didn’t even bounce when kicked down the field.

Every step was reminiscent of a water polo game, and when Sandow kicked the ball, landing it firmly in the in-goal area, Rhys Wesser simply had to jump on top of it to score.

4: The 2013 Streaker

In 2013, the State of Origin series closing stages were rudely interrupted by a streaker. The game was furiously coming to a close in front of the Hodges goal posts.

As the Maroons scored a try, a naked man ran happily onto the field and had to be tackled by security in the midst of the chaos. With two minutes to go, no one knew whether the try was scored or not.

3: 12 Second Morley

Adrian Morley received a red card in 2003 after only 12 seconds on the field. His crime? A dangerous high tackle.

12 Second MorLey - Bizarre moments NRL - online sports betting - fair bet query

2: 2015 NRL Grand Final

The final minutes of the match saw a bizarre win for the Cowboys when a sideline kick resulted in a try right in the corner, which led to a kick at the posts which JUST missed.

Drawing even to the Bronco’s, the Cowboys finally won with drop penalty by one point.

1: The Head Butt Try

St Helens and Sheffield were head to head in the final. The Saints no 8 dived over the try line, accidentally scoring a try with his head.

Apparently, a ball thrown forward with your head does not count as a knock on.