8 of the Most Popular Betting Sports in Australia

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Today’s Favourite Betting Sports in Australia

Betting on sports has been a pastime as old as the sports themselves, and today there are few sports in the world that don’t have an enthusiastic punting scene.

Sports of all shapes and sizes all around the globe are bet on each day, and aside from pokies, sports betting is one of the most popular pastimes in the casino industry, and shows no signs of slowing down.

While betting on horse racing and team-based sports has been a huge part of modern culture of the last two hundred years, most people were unable to take part for a number of reasons, but mostly it was just too expensive for the average punter.

That completely changed with the growth of the internet, along with the many bookmaker sites that were quick to start up on this new online platform.

It proved to be a monumental success, and today there are now millions upon millions of bettors from across the world that enjoy some of the best sports books have to offer, whether you’re searching for Canadian, European, or Australian betting sites.

This does, however, beg the question of which sports exactly are the most popular in today’s competitive betting world.

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The Most Popular Betting Sports

  1. Soccer: The absolute reigning king of the sports world, football is by far the most popular sport in the world, in terms of being watched, being played, and being bet on. Soccer has over 3 billion fans in total, and of that, 250 million bet on the sport on a regular basis.
  2. Cricket: Second only to football in terms of sheer player and bettor volume, cricket is the British gentlemen’s sport that took the world by storm. The widespread nature of the British Empire in the last two hundred years means people all over the world enjoyed cricket, and it simply stuck to this day.
  3. Basketball: Basketball follows closely behind cricket with upwards of a billion fans around the world, with the NBA series being among the most popular betting events annually. The sport has also seen recent international growth, and is now enjoyed as far as China.
  4. Tennis: This is the most enjoyed individual-based sport among the rest, and remains as one of the fastest growing sports to bet on. Most bookmakers cover events such as Wimbledon extensively each year.
  5. Horse Racing: Next we have is horse racing, and any punter will instantly recognise this popular sport. One of the oldest of the betting sports, horse racing continues to thrill bettors from around the world.
  6. Volleyball: While relatively new compared to the other sports, volleyball has nonetheless taken the world by storm in recent years, and bettors are flocking to the sport every season. Additionally, bookmakers are also providing more and more volleyball coverage each year.
  7. Hockey: This includes both hockey played on a field and on ice, and the betting fan base is the same for both versions of the sport. While quite an old sport, the betting scene for hockey has only recently began to gain serious steam.
  8. Baseball: Based primarily in the United States, Baseball is nonetheless popular around the world, and betting on baseball has become a favourite among fans.

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The Best Sports in Conclusion

With all these sports available to bet on as well as access to most bookies from just about any device in the world, punters have more choice than ever.