Best Bets For Boxing Fans

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Best Bets For Boxing Fans

Boxing is one of the longest running sports in human history, dating back to a time when coliseums where the star attraction in Rome. And it’s little wonder why, given that boxing is not only an exciting sport for spectators, but also a fair test of strength between two fighters.

Most interesting of all is that boxing is virtually unchanged since it was first created, with only the addition of boxing gloves in modern times, setting it apart from our ancient ancestors.

Boxing is also a very favoured sport in terms of betting, and it’s as popular as FIFA World Cup betting, only it’s available all year round, every year. Both in times long past, and in modern times, little is as interesting and strategic as placing a bet on boxing.

Results are often unpredictable, sudden and unexpected events can sway the match one way or another, and little is as satisfying as seeing an unexpected underdog come out on top.

Let’s have a closer look at the best bets for boxing enthusiasts.

Winner Takes All


As with all sports bets, the most important aspect to keep in mind is the odds assigned to the fighters. When bookmakers evaluate a fight, they assign odds based on how likely it seems that one or the other fighter will win.

This is determined by the fighter’s history, their previous wins and losses, and their general reputation.

If odds are high, it means that the fighter is seen as less likely to win. This also means, however, that a bet on this fighter that succeeds will have much higher payouts.

In other words, betting on the underdog results in more cash paid out, assuming the underdog can pull through.

Lower odds means that the fighter is seen as more likely to win, and so payouts are less. As is the core rule of bet making, the less risk taken, the less the payout. But it should always be kept in mind that underdog fighters can, and often do, come out victorious.

Advanced Betting Options

Betting on a fighter to win is the most commonly taken bet, and offers an enormous amount of entertainment, adding a deeper layer of investment to the match. But for those who like to go one step further in the betting, there are more focused betting options with enormous payout potential.

Betting options are offered by many bookmakers for a precise prediction. For example, a bet can be placed on a fighter to win, plus the round that fighter will knock out his opponent.

This is obviously a very specific bet to be placing, and requires an amazing amount of foresight by the bet maker. But, if the bet is correct, the payouts can be astronomical, based on exactly how accurate the bet is.

Payouts will be made if the correct fighter is chosen, plus more if the fight ends by a knock out, plus more if the correct round is predicted.

See what betting options your bookmaker offers to place a more focused bet of this kind. Keep in mind, though, that such bets are for those who feel they are true boxing enthusiasts, and understand the sport on a deeper level.